Pansy - Robborecipe - Cernit - Digital Download

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Robborecipe in the colour "Pansy"

In this digital file you will receive one polymer clay colour recipe, a guide to mixing with parts and a diagram to successfully read the recipe. 

This recipe uses Cernit Number One to create the colour.   

Robborecipes were created as a tool to inspire creativity while working with polymer clay. Whether you’re building a repertoire of colour mixes or designing colour stories - Robborecipes are the perfect tool to help you streamline your creative process so you can spend your time where you really want it - the making!

Colour swatches are age old in the polymer clay world, my goal is to put a contemporary spin on them by offering fresh colour recipes with a contemporary feel.

At time of creation, all recipes have been created with current Cernit colours, I hold no responsibility if Cernit decides to discontinue any shades at any time.