Robbotiles - Custom Cutter

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Want to continue adding to your collection of Robbotiles at home with your own colour mixes? We have a custom made Robbotiles Blackbird & Violet cutter available for purchase so you can continue to create and curate a consistent collection of tiles for your studio!

These cutters are 3D printed from PLA & are specifically designed to be used with Polymer Clays. PLA is an Ecoplastic made from Bio Material (I.e Sugarcane pulp, corn starch etc) and is biodegradable.

These cutters measure 4cm X 4cm. They have approximately a 0.4mm cutting edge & a 3mm base to support an easy cut-out.


Cutters are not dishwasher or oven safe. While they are non-toxic, they cannot be exposed to temperatures over 60-70 degrees without increased chance of warping.

Wash with clean soapy water.